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007 Recruitment booth




UX design, Concept, Strategy, Product owner

A secret mission in Victoria Station, London. We were asked to help Heineken and Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam with their 'Crack the Case' campaign. Our mission was to recruit the absolute best secret agent as the world premier of the latest James Bond movie Skyfall is about to take place.

In the middle of the busy London station a very stern russian officer questioned the commuters in a MI6 pop-up recruitment office, to see if the locals have what it takes to be a secret agent. They had to successfully full-fill an interrogation, a lie detector test, a hand-eye coordination test and a disguise dress-over.


Fuzeo was responsible for a live connection and compilation of the separate test subjects to their social network. The tests where mocked up as a top-secret spy file and placed on the participant's Facebook page.

A Fuzeo project

Fuzeo specialized in connecting real world experiences with the online realm. We were a creative RFID concepts agency that helps brands with connecting their real-world presence with social networks and back. As Interaction Designer I assisted our Creative Lead with UX design. We created tons of great physical and online combined experiences. As commercial manager I was responsible for all future client contact. This suits me. I loved telling people what we did, and were about to do. 

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