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Hyundai: Connected Booths




UX design, Concept, Strategy, Product owner

Thanks to our touchPoints, Hyundai had the most Facebook "Liked" cars at the AutoRai 2011 in Amsterdam. By easily connecting a special RFID tag to their Facebook account, Hyundai visitors were able to instantly share their favourite Hyundai cars with their Facebook friends in an exciting and fun way.

After this first project proved (very) successfull, we were asked to futher develop and explore the possibilties of our crossworlds platform for Hyundai at their motorshows throughout Europe. This resulted in the implementation two very connected and interactive motorshow booths in Frankfurt and Geneva. 

A Fuzeo project

Fuzeo specialized in connecting real world experiences with the online realm. We were a creative RFID concepts agency that helps brands with connecting their real-world presence with social networks and back. As Interaction Designer I assisted our Creative Lead with UX design. We created tons of great physical and online combined experiences. As commercial manager I was responsible for all future client contact. This suits me. I loved telling people what we did, and were about to do. 

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